1Who is a Virtual Assistant?
A virtual assistant (VA) is a professional who works remotely to provide administrative and support services. These can range from invoicing clients on a regular basis to managing a one-time project.
2Why you need a Virtual Assistant?
When you’re in business, "don’t sweat the small stuff" doesn’t apply; all that small stuff makes a big difference in establishing your business above the competition. Yet when you’re dealing with the big picture, you don't always have time to handle the small but vital tasks.

Read here in detail to understand why you need a virtual assistant.
3How do I keep track of hours spent by the virtual assistant on my project?
We can supply you with a Time Sheet upon your request to show you the amount of time spent on your project.
4How can we exchange files?
There are many ways to exchange files such as email, online cloud programs - Dropbox, OneDrive and google drive.
5Is my information secure?
We take security seriously. From secure online data sharing to confidential agreements, we ensure that the information you share with us is safe and protected. We have suitable security measures to prevent any threats to your data.
6Is my information confidential?
We understand the importance of confidentiality. All the information that you provide us is confidential and we sign a Non-disclosure agreement/confidentiality agreement to ensure the confidentiality of your information.
7What is your turnaround time?
We have different turnaround time for projects, depending upon their requirements and the ongoing projects. But we will let you know the estimated turnaround time at the beginning of the project.
8How do I know if the VA is working as I cannot see them?
We are in service based business and we treat each of your projects as if they are our very own. We have a huge stake in how we perform and what we deliver to our clients. Our performance is directly linked to our business reputation. Further, we are highly motivated to complete all the projects within timelines and high quality. We care about our relationship with you and want to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. We deliver the best services even when you are not watching us.